Awesome Toy Collection: TDKR – Battle for Gotham City

Thanks to a contact at a local toy specialty shop, I was able to acquire the Target exclusive “The Dark Knight Rises – Battle for Gotham City.

The display case shows the five 4″ figures against a backdrop of Gotham City. And the figures are:
. Bane
. Caped Crusader Batman
. Bruce Wayne
. Stealth Vision Batman, and
. Catwoman

Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, she is in her “goggles-down” mode. The goggles are sculpted together with the head and are not removable.

Bruce Wayne is in his ninja training fatigues as seen in “Batman Begins”.

Batman fights with Bane, with Batman using some kind of weapon. Bane’s colouring scheme does not match up with his onscreen appearance. In fact, none of the 4″ Banes released by Mattel resembles that seen in “The Dark Knight Rises”. Apart from the brown vest Bane seen above, Bane also comes in green, black, and silver-blue.

And this is “Stealth Vision Batman”, one of the many fruitcake Batmans released by the toy company this time round in conjunction with the movie. As you would expect, Batman never appears as such in “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Great movie btw, a fitting conclusion to the Nolanverse Batman trilogy.


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